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Monthly Archives: January 2017


Sonar Shot
Sonar Shot costs 30 Quills to unlock and is available in the TribalStack Tropics. You use Triangle/Y to use this ability. It can be used on Totems to wake them up and reveal invisible platforms.

Slurp Shot
Another skill available in the TribalStack Tropics. The Slurp Shot allows you to use Circle/B to eat certain berry bushes. You can then press Square/X to fire the eaten berry as a projectile.

Buddy Slam
The final skill you can unlock in the TribalStack Tropics map. The Buddy Slam costs 30 Quills and can be activated by pressing jump and then L2/LT. This ability can be used to take down enemies and destroy obstacles directly beneath you. Try it on the 4 raised floor tiles near Trowzer.

Glide can be unlocked inside Hivory Towers once you have spoken with Trowzer inside TribalStack Tropics. You can use jump and then jump again to be able to glide.

Slurp State
Slurp State is available to purchase from Trowzer once you reach the Glitterglaze Glacier area. It costs 40 Quills to unlock. Once unlocked Slurp State lets you absorb the abilities of items you eat. This allows you to traverse slippery obstacles after eating honey, travel through cold areas etc.

Lizard Leap
This is another ability that you can unlock once you reach Glitterglaze Glacier. It costs 40 Quills to unlock. You can use Lizard Leap by holding L2/LT and pressing X/A.

Buddy Bubble
This ability is available for free in the hub after expanding Glitterglaze Glacier and speaking to Trowzer inside the archives. It allows you to walk underwater using R2/RT

Lizard Lash
The Lizard Lash ability is available for 60 Quills once you reach MoodyMaze Marsh. Allows you to grapple specific objects with O/B and pull yourself up or over gaps.

Sonars Splosion
The Sonars Splosion is available for 60 Quills once you reach MoodyMaze Marsh. Use L2/LT and Triangle/Y to launch a stunning AoE attack.

Camo Cloak
Using L2/LT and Circle/B will let you activate Camo Cloak – making Yooka and Laylee very difficult to detect for a short period of time. This skill is available after you get it free from Trowzer at the hub after completing MoodyMaze Marsh.

Reptile Rush
Reptile Rush is available to purchase in the Capital Cashino for 80 Quills. This ability lets you charge up your spin move for increased speed and distance off jumps. You can use R2/RT and Square/X to use it.

Flappy Flight
Flappy Flight is available free of charge once you’ve completed Capital Cashino and spoken to Trowzers back at the hub. Hold L2/LT and press Square/X

Sonar Shield
The final skill you can purchase from Trowzers. It costs 100 Quills and makes you invincible to all damage for a short period. Hold R2/RT and Triangle/Y to use.


Being a gamer these days can be pretty expensive, with top titles always lurking just around the corner, looking to relieve you of a decent amount of cash. So it’s a welcome relief to see an influx of free-to-play titles hit the Xbox One in recent times, providing a variety of games to delve into without a price tag. Sure, most of the time the developers actively encourage the purchase of add-ons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy free-to-play titles and keep your wallet out of sight.

In the interest of fairness, we believe the majority of free games are worth a look and many enjoyable ones unfortunately won’t make this list. But these are what we consider to be 5 of the best free-to-play games on Xbox One…


The easiest way to describe Hawken would be to liken it to a budget version of the massively successful Titanfall series, albeit without the Pilot action or a story mode. Essentially a mech based first person shooter, Hawken ignites that competitive spirit across a handful of game modes, where teamwork is just as important as dominating the battlefield with a lone ranger mindset. You’ll need good tactics and decent accuracy to destroy all other mechs in your line of sight, whilst dodging and repairing efficiently to prevent your own demise. Every match feels unlike another and it never becomes a drag to play.

A healthy amount of mechs helps give something to work towards unlocking, with each class offering different mechs with slightly different stats to suit your playstyle. There are even a few really well designed maps which are ideal for such warfare, ensuring enough variety alongside the many mechs included to entice you back in for another go – if only to earn more in-game cash to unlock a new chassis!

Fallout Shelter

Placing you in the role of an Overseer, Fallout Shelter is a micro-management game, with the fate of any and all wandering survivors resting in your hands. Not only does the Vault need building up from nothing, but also decisions have to be made as to who goes where, taking into account their SPECIAL attributes. The Vault has to have enough water, power and food to provide for the amount of inhabitants, which in itself leads to a balancing act. Dwellers can be sent on combat-orientated quests, and although it won’t necessarily satisfy your action needs, it adds another dimension to a game full of little tasks to keep you on your toes.

The regular hazards to overcome, the new additions to the quest lines and an ever-expanding Vault, all ensure the addictive nature of checking on your people frequently. Given the Play Anywhere nature of Fallout Shelter, you’re never too far from the Vault.

Star Trek Online

Boldly go where no man or woman has gone before… the Star Trek Online universe. Okay, so a lot of people have already been there and are still bathing in the delights of the shed load of content it offers. Whether shooting phasers on-foot whilst protecting your people, or zooming through space at warp speed, blasting Klingon spacecrafts into smithereens, if you’ve seen it happen in the TV series then you’ll no doubt experience it in-game. There are even classic Star Trek characters featured such as Spock, Scotty, Checkov and many more, bringing authenticity to the forefront.

Despite not looking the greatest in terms of visuals, I challenge anyone to find a better Star Trek experience – one that’s free – that lures in both fans and generally curious gamers alike, offering such a vast amount of content to work through and plenty of hours of enjoyment.

Gems of War

Remember when match-three games had a resurgence upon the amazing success of Candy Crush and all its clones? Well, Gems of War capitalised on this, with a foundation of matching gems and throwing battles into the mix – it’s quite similar to the Xbox 360 title Puzzle Quest. There are quests to complete, allies to unlock and a real tactical element when deciding upon your battle-ready team. Since day one, numerous kingdoms have been added, new creatures and beasts have arrived to enhance the number of characters available to use, and a whole load of new features have been brought in.

Trying out all the different abilities and finding out which characters are best to use in your team is half the fun; the other half is the ridiculously addictive matching of gems and earning chests, gold and ultimately, testing your wits against other human-assembled teams.


If you’re after a great co-op experience at zero cost, that’s exactly what the third person shooter Warframe brings to the table. When the wretched Grineer are expanding their reach across the solar system, conquering anyone in their path, the once great warriors and masters of the Warframe armour are summoned – that’s you. The fact paced combat has you wielding guns and swords, taking down a decent variety of enemies in PvE and if you so wish, there’s the option to show off in PvP.

With a whole host of Warframes to acquire throughout the many missions – each with their own unique style and abilities – there’s plenty to work towards. Having failed to survive the onslaught in some of the earlier missions ourselves, there’s no doubt how much you’ll need backup in order to succeed. And it’s with friends where the satisfaction of smashing through all the content really shines through.

So there we have it, they are what we believe to be five of the best free-to-play games on Xbox One. Maybe you disagree? Or do you think we’ve got it spot on? Send us any and all thoughts you have regarding our choices by using social media, or commenting below.

5 supporting characters who ended up starring in their own games

Spinoff games are typically a good time, because it’s always nice to see an established world from a different angle. It’s also a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on a character besides the hero everyone knows. Maybe it’ll be the trusty sidekick, as in Daxter, Secret Agent Clank, or Yoshi’s Island; perhaps a prime antagonist will get a turn as an antihero, like in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne or Dishonored’s Knife of Dunwall DLC. But some spinoffs spin wayoff the beaten path and give a totally tangential character their shot at glory. These unlikely protagonists once existed purely as comic relief, backstory footnotes, or ordinary bosses in their first appearance, then somehow got bumped up to be the headliner star of their very own adventure. Turns out, some former extras turn out to be pretty great leads when given the chance. Keep that in mind next time you’re chatting up a seemingly inconsequential NPC or beating on a boss.

Plague Knight in… Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (2015)

Redeem Codes & 3 Best Tips for Beginners, Strategy Guide and Tricks in Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved Tip #1: Ranked Mode.
1. Player Admission: Player’s account level reaches 5;
2. Party Admission: Players must be ranked within ‘I tier of the Lobby Owner;
3. Rank Details: There are T tiers including Novice, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Electrum, and .
Each tier is divided into phases I, Ii and Ill except Novice. The system will match players in the similar tier. After ascending to Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers, demotion to a lower tier will no longer be possible.
4. Star Levels: Each victory in the Novice tier earns you a star, and when you have 5 you can advance.
No stars are deducted if you lose as a Novice. In phases I, ll and Ill respectively require 1, 2, and 3 stars to ascend.
5. Season Point: In the Novice tier you do not gain Season Points. In all other tiers you do, and when you
reach the maximum number of them you automatically ascend to the next tier. A defeat will deduct Season Points. In the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers, no points are deducted ifyou have zero points. In the Bronze to Palladium tiers, you get a star for even; 100 Season Points earned and automatically ascend to the next
tier. In the Palladium III tier, Season Points are limitless;
6. Blessing: There are no blessings in the Novice tier. In all other tiers you can be blessed by the goddess. If you remain active, you earn 3 points. The more winning streaks you get, the more blessings you get, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20. Gameplay rankings are according to your performance. The better you performs, the more blessings you get. They are 5, 4, 4, 3 and 3, respectively for the top 5 players within each match;
7. Battle Zones: There are no Battle Zones in the Novice tier. Between the Bronze and Electrurn tiers, every 100 people comprises a Battle Zone. Every time a player advances, the Battle Zone is randomly shuffled. All players at the tier are in the same Battle Zone;
8. Rewards: S2 exclusive skin coming soon!
9. S2 Season Results: Calculated according to “best match history”. Rewards will be sent by mail:

Heroes Evolved Tip #2: Integrity.
1. Each player starts with an integrity of 100 points;
2, Not accepting matches when in queue, going AFK, or abandoning matches will result in points being deducted. Points will be deducted as follows:
– 2 points for not accepting matches in queue;
– 2-6 points based on the length of time you were AFK in a match;
– An additional deduction of 2 points for abandoning a match by going AFK;
3. Low Integrity Penalties: Players with less than 80 integrity cannot join ranked matches. .50-79
Integrity limits you to 90% of match rewards; 0-49 Integrity limits you to 50% of match rewards.
Players with negative Integrity get nothing.
4. Players that don‘t go AFK during a match will have 2 points added to their integrity regardless
of the match result;

Heroes Evolved Tip #3: Sir Cease Hero Guide.
Sir Cease, a melee Hero with a very strong set of abilities and a very versatile play style.

Why play Sir Cease? it’s simple ,there’re tons of elements you should take in to account when considering to play Sir Cease.
He is strong through out the different phases of a match.
He is incredibly hard to lane against early on as he can spam Deathfire to control the lane and follow up with blade charge.
– He provides massive amounts of disable
– A lot of fun to play
– Can provide devastating ganks
– Resembles Guts from Berserk!

However Sir Cease is not for everyone, some cons that may push you away from ever picking him as your Hero may be his play style and high skill cap requirements.
He is very susceptible to range and disables, minions and crowded situations may cause you difficulties landing Blade Charge.
– missing his “blade charge” can be devastating
– mark reliance
– no secure escape.