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7 More Modern Games Besides Yooka-Laylee


Snake Pass has a lot in common with the platformers of the 90s, although it comes with a unique twist. As you might expect, you play as a snake named Noodle. However, the physics of the game are entirely built around your movement. You won’t be jumping your way across platforms this time, instead you’ll be slithering up areas and using momentum to propel yourself.

The entire crux of Snake Pass is actually built around finding collectibles. There are 15 levels spread out across four themed worlds, and in each level you’ll have to collect three sets of hidden collectibles. These get increasingly more difficult as the game goes on, and you’ll need to use all of your wits to find them. It may be a bit different from the platformers you’re used to and the controls take some adjustment, but after that you’ll find a fun collect-a-thon experience unlike any others.


Shovel Knight is one of the finest retro homages we’ve ever seen, perfectly evoking the careful platforming of older titles while introducing modern design concepts like checkpoints and a detailed inventory system. It plays a bit like a Mega Man game as each level is themed after one of the memorable bosses you’ll be facing down. Shovel Knight’s unique skills are essential to making it through, as you can dig and jump downwards on the shovel to jump farther and damage enemies.

Of course, Shovel Knight also brings the nostalgia by giving you a bunch of collectibles to nab, both in the main campaign and DLC. Shovel Knight and Plague Knight have music sheets they can collect across each level. Bringing these back to the bard in the village will reward you with gold, while the bard regales you with the song. Alternatively, Specter Knight’s campaign has a bunch of red skulls you can collect, which can be turned in later for useful new abilities. Each campaign is great on its own, but trying to collect everything only adds to the overall challenge.


Most games in the Rayman series put the mascot in 3D environments, but Rayman Legends and its predecessor Origins put the character in a beautiful, lush 2D world. Rayman Legends is truly a gorgeous game at every turn, with wildly varied locations and some tight platforming gameplay. The game has some smart level design that’s truly challenging, and there’s also some fun multiplayer options allowing you to play co-op in the main campaign.

Of course, the good news is there’s also a ton to collect on your adventure. You’ve got a host of power-ups like Hearts, Blue Punches, and Bubbles that provide temporary boosts. On top of that, there’s a whopping 700 of the creatures named Tensies to find across the game. That’s certainly going to keep you occupied for a while.


Pretty much every Mario game gives you a ton of collectibles to mop up, this time with the help of up to three friends. This gorgeous co-op title is an absolute blast to play whether alone or with friends, with new power-ups like the wall-climbing cat suit or the cherry that gives you a body double. You can either help your friends along the way or choose to throw them off a cliff, allowing for some intense co-op play.

Like most Mario titles, advancing further in the game is themed around collecting a number of stars. There’s a total of 380 green stars in Super Mario 3D World, as well as 85 stamps to collect. You’ll need to get each to unlock different areas within the game, so you’ve definitely got your work cut out with this one. Just make sure to bring a few friends along for the ride.


Yoshi’s Woolly World is easily one of the most adorable games ever made, lovingly created in a vibrant yarn art style. Everything in its world is based around arts and crafts, Yoshi throws yarn balls and you’re able to interact with the environment by doing things like pulling on a thread to reveal a new path. With the 3DS version of the game, you also get a host of side-scrolling levels that let you control Poochy as he runs forward.

There’s a few fun collectibles to be had in Yoshi’s Woolly World as well, some of which can be unlocked with amiibo. Each level in the game has five Wonder Wools, and if you collect all of them, you’ll be rewarded with a costume. There’s also five Smiley Flowers that reward you with a bonus stage, and five Stamp Patches that’ll give you a stamp to use in the Miiverse.


LEGO games are always loaded with collectibles, and LEGO City Undercover certainly doesn’t disappoint in that regard. The title focuses on an undercover cop named Chase McCain, and actually satirizes quite a few action movies. It presents players with one of the most expansive LEGO worlds yet, explorable by foot and vehicle, as you track down criminals and help citizens with their everyday problems.

Of course, the main collectible of LEGO City Undercover is bricks, which you’ll need to unlock things like new characters and vehicles to play with. There’s even a whopping 450 Gold Bricks and 40 Red Bricks, which will grant you different bonuses for collecting.  There’s certainly no shortage of things to do in LEGO City.


Ratchet & Clank is one of the longest-running franchises on PlayStation, and the duo has become two of the main mascots for the brand. A Crack in Time is the follow-up to the previous two titles on PS3, retaining many of the same gameplay elements. One variation for the title, however, lets Ratchet pilot his ship between planets, landing on moons and other areas to complete optional objectives.

Holding to Ratchet & Clank tradition, you’ve also got a few items to pick up along the way. The pair will want to collect Gold Bolts scattered across the universe, netting you a nice trophy as well as some bonus items to help you on your adventure.