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What We Know About Mario’s First Nintendo Switch Outing

The Nintendo Switch has been out for about a month now and if you own the machine, you’re most likely playing Zelda. Or maybe you’re playing Snipper Clips or 1-2 Switch, if – you know – you want to be different.

With a new Nintendo console, it makes sense that everyone’s favourite fat plumber gets a new title as well. Cue Super Mario Odyssey. The trailer dropped at the Nintendo Switch conference in January 2017, and in typical Nintendo fashion, they are none too hasty to give further detail. Logically, more will come at E3 2017 in June, when Nintendo presumably want to top up on fuel for the hype train. But let’s not stop thinking about what we already know, because despite the trailer only being two minutes long, there’s a lot to look forward to.


Perhaps the most glaring aspect of the trailer is that Mario has been taken out of the Mushroom Kingdom, where for the last thirty years he has stomped goombas, kicked koopa shells and battered King Bowser’s offspring so many times that social services are well overdue a welfare visit. It makes sense now to take Mario out of his comfort zone and drop him into the real world. Well, kind of. It’s called New Donk City, like New York City, but – well you get the picture.

In the trailer, we’ve seen Mario swinging from lampposts, bouncing of taxi bonnets and platforming between skyscrapers. The trailer also showed off desert inspired levels, a level themed around food and dark, foreboding forests. Super Mario Odyssey looks to give the series a much-needed revitalisation and bridge the gap between a purely fantastical setting and one based a bit more in reality.


It’s fair to say that the tropes of the Mario franchise are well known. Initially, you could eat a mushroom to grow larger, a flower to throw fireballs and a gold star to grant temporary invincibility. Since then, they’ve innovated with power-ups by giving us a bigger mushroom to, you know, make you even bigger, an ice flower to throw balls of ice, a propeller hat, the Tanooki suit, a leaf item which gives you a tail and can make you a statue for, well, reasons. The list is extensive and for the sake of time, I won’t list them all. But I can imagine it must be difficult for the series’ creators to come up with new ideas.

Imagine the scene. A bunch of Japanese game developers sitting round a table. The room falls silent. They eye each other nervously.


Super Mario 3D World was good – great, even. But it wasn’t quite the spiritual successor to Super Mario: Galaxy 2, Mario 64 or Sunshine fans had been waiting for. The consensus was that it was too easy. That it presented little in the way of challenge and didn’t offer the level of exploration that fans wanted. They will be pleased to learn then, that Super Mario Odyssey is being directed by Yosiaki Koizumi, the mind behind Super Mario Sunshine and the Galaxy series. They will also be pleased to hear that, at the Nintendo Switch presentation Super Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, said that the game will go “back to its roots,” and appeal to the core-gamers, as opposed to the “casual-friendly” iterations of the last few years. As such, this is the most promising news of receiving a Mario 64-like game we’ve had for a while.


It seems obvious, but given the cross-platform release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey will not be getting a Wii U release. That is, unless Nintendo pulls a surprise out of their sentient hats and decides, for some reason, to release the game on a now dead console. But that’s unlikely. So yeah, if you held off on the Switch as you could get Zelda on the Wii U, it may be time to pack up the old boy and get hold of a switch if you want to play Mario’s newest adventure. Get the shovels out, guys, time to dig the Wii U a grave. Or just trade it in. Whatever you want really.


The trailer doesn’t give much away, but I’m going to hazard a guess that Bowser kidnaps the princess and Mario goes on to rescue her. Although the trailer does imply that Bowser tries to force Peach into a shotgun marriage. Though with Mario games, the story always takes place to the platforming puzzles and the variety of bizarre power-ups and, given what the trailer has shown already, there is much to look forward to.


Super Mario Odyssey is currently slated for a holiday release in 2017, but Nintendo President, Reggie Fils-Aimé, has said that players will be allowed a “hands on perspective of the game,” at E3 2017. Although nothing has been confirmed, we can also expect a Nintendo Tree House presentation in the same vain as they did for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It’s all up in the air now and we’ll have to wait for Nintendo to provide more information, but I’m looking forward to getting to seeing more of the game at E3 2017, and on its eventual release. Maybe living in New Donk City, Mario will naff Daisy off and set up as a self-employed plumber, shafting clients by completing half-assed work and receiving poor reviews on Trust Pilot. Now that would be a game changer.


Tips To Unlock All Important Skills And Abilities in Persona 5

You will need to unlock some of the more important skills and abilities if you want to have an easier time in Persona 5. There are a lot of abilities and skills that are limited to a specific condition, like reaching a certain rank with a Confidant.

There are a variety of skills, some restricted to the main character, while others can be used by the different party members. There are also skills that unlock new activities to perform in the game’s world leading to an increase in the social stats.

How To Unlock Baton Pass Skill For Every Character

Baton Pass is a special skill in Persona 5 that gives the character an extra turn if they manage to perform a strike that enters the enemy in a ‘weak’ state. This skill has to be unlocked for every character if you want to use Baton Pass with them. To unlock this skill for every character, you will need to reach confidant rank 2 with them.

How To Unlock Follow Up Skill For Every Character

This is another useful skill that can come handy in battle. To unlock it, you will need to reach confidant rank 3 with each of the party member.

How To Unlock Endure Skill For Every Character

This special skill can sometimes turn the tide of the battle as it can help save the main character from certain death. The party member who has this skill available can step in to take the blow from enemy in case the main character is unable to survive it. To unlock it, you will need to reach confidant rank 8 with each of the character.

How To Unlock Harisen Recovery Ability For Every Character

This important ability works in battle by giving the character, that has this ability unlocked, the choice to perform healing for the status ailment inflicted on the party members. To unlock this ability, reach confidant rank 6 with each character. READ Persona 5 Guide:

How To Find And Complete All Mementos Requests How To Unlock Second Persona For Every Character The second Persona form is usually an extremely powerful one and it always require you to commit some time in order to reach the max rank with each of the character. This can be triggered if you reach confidant rank 10 with each character.

Tips to Farm Money in Persona 5

Persona 5 is not a challenging game at the normal difficulty setting and while the game doesn’t offer much money in the start, it doesn’t really feel like there is a need to farm it until later in the game. Money is essential for getting a Persona which is registered as well as fusing an extremely powerful Ultimate Persona, if you are playing on New Game+ mode.

Money Farming Guide For Persona 5: How To Easily Farm Million Yen The main currency in Persona 5 is the Japanese Yen although it can be acquired in different ways. You can refer our detailed guide here in order to read on how to make money easily, but if you want to exploit certain aspects of the game to make a huge amount of money in a short time, you can check out the steps listed in this guide.

The trick to getting a huge amount of money from enemies is to exploit the confusion skill together with a high luck stat. This can be done by first fusing or catching ‘Onmoraki’, which starts at Level 12. This Persona needs to be leveled up to 15 in order to get the skill ‘Confusion Boost’.  Getting this skill is crucial in order to land confusion easily on some of the sub-bosses in Mementos.

Next you will have to find a Persona that has a high defense and starts at a high base for the Luck stat. You will have to use the ‘Gallows Fusion’ to power up this Persona until his luck reaches 40 or above, in order to acquire a large amount of money from the boss fights in Mementos.  Make sure the Persona inherits the confusion boost skill along with the pulinpa attack that causes confusion on the enemy.

How To Create A Persona With High Luck Stat Gallows Fusion works by sacrificing a Persona to power another one and the stats that are gained by the Persona appear to be random. So you will have to back out and attempt the fusion again and again until you get a boost to the Luck stat that is substantial. This process can take a while and since it is random, you can try your own luck here.

READ Persona 5 Guide: How To Create The Ultimate Persona Once you have managed to create a Persona with 40 or above luck, head over to Momentos and attempt any of the mini boss fights there. Kick out the rest of your party in order to make this method effective. Use the pulinpa skill on the boss to confuse it and then if you have a Persona with high luck, the boss can randomly throw a huge amount of money, ranging from 20k to 40k per turn depending on your luck stat. This can easily make you earn more than a million yen within a few hours. If you keep getting killed, you can also try by lowering the difficulty.

Project Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro – What Gamers Need to Know

Microsoft finally pulled back the curtain on the Xbox Scorpio, and there can be no doubt that it is the most powerful console ever created. It places Microsoft back on the throne and leaves the PlayStation 4 Pro behind when it comes to things like 4K gaming and overall improvement for console gaming.

However, all the power of the Scorpio, begs for platform exclusives and if Microsoft Doesn’t deliver in that regard, then the PlayStation 4 Pro could still come out on top as the darling of console gamers. I think Microsoft is going to throw in a few exclusives at this year’s E3.

Digital Foundry’s Tom and Rich have had some exclusive time with the Scorpio, and in their latest video they tackle the important question of the “Project Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro.” Below is a summary of the most important points.

Project Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro by Digital Foundry

So, how will the Scorpio pair up against the PlayStation 4 Pro? That is the question. Previously, the PlayStation 4 had a clear advantage over the Xbox One with most games hitting 1080p on PS4, and most hitting 900p on Xbox One. With the Scorpio, however, Microsoft seems to have turned the tables.

  • The Scorpio is essentially a 4K extension of the Xbox One.
  • With the Scorpio; Microsoft did something unprecedented in gaming, they reversed how they engineered the console.
  • Microsoft looked at the code first (traditionally you would design a console, and devs would make a game), and asked what tech they needed to run the code at native 4K (as opposed to the PS4 Pro’s checkerboard 4K).
  • Since there aren’t games yet to test the success of this approach, it remains to be seen if the gamble paid off.
  • The only game that has been tested so far is Forza 6. and according to DF the improvement “is remarkable” and “staggering.”
  • It shows the tremendous potential of first-party games on the Scorpio.
  • According to DF all current PC games that have 4K assets (Gears, Forza, Rise of the Tomb Raider) could be “patched up” to run at native 4K on the Scorpio.
  • First-party games aside, a lot of the Scorpio’s success depends on how it will run third-party games.
  • One clear win for the Scorpio is “memory allocation” with its extra available to devs for 4K gaming.
  • 12 x 1GB GDDR5 / 384-bit Bus / 320GB/s bandwidth.
  • However, PS4 Pro’s dynamic scaling optimise the game to its maxed performance.
  • From the Xbox One to the Scorpio we have about 4.6X% boost in GPU performance and a 1.31 in CPU performance.
  • The above stats show one thing – getting existing game engines to scale to 4K – whether it’s currently running at 900p or 1080p.
  • However, do not expect games to run at 60 fps if it was designed to run at 30 fps.

In closing, it seems to be a question of the Scorpio finally matching the PS4 Pro in reaching optimized visuals for third-party games. But is that boost enough to validate it’s very possible massive price tag? Then there’s the big draw of the fact that the Scorpio will run games at native 4K vs. PlayStation’s ‘almost 4K ‘- then again, looking at Horizon Zero Dawn that “checkerboard 4K is so close to the real thing that it again begs the question if the Scorpio’s price tag will validate the native 4K experience.

We also have to keep in mind that at first it will probably only be first-party exclusives that will run at native 4K and so far we’re still waiting for those to be announced by Microsoft.

If you’re considering grabbing the Xbox Scorpio when it finally releases, then you should check out the full Digital Foundry video below. Personally, I am waiting to hear about those exclusives first. Looking at what we know so far about 2017’s console exclusives it’s clear that Sony has a lot more in store than Microsoft.

New Video Game Releases for the Week of 4-9-17

With the release of Persona 5 now behind us, so too passes the torrential downpour of great, content-heavy games. As we all start chipping away at the backlog, we must all be wary of that level of comfort. It may allow a few smaller game releases to slip under the radar this week, and there’s quite a few that, at the least, look worthy of investigation.

Tuesday marks the release of Yooka-Laylee, arguably one of the more monumental new games this week, but everyone gets a little bit of everything. Cosmic Star Heroine should satisfy those looking for an old school JRPG (inspired by Chrono Trigger), A Rose in the Twilight looks macabre and full of trepidation mixed with wonder, and The Sexy Brutale presents an equally strange and disturbing murder mystery to be solved.

Oh, and Planescape: Torment gets an Enhanced Edition that offers a pretty genuine makeover for the classic, so that’s sure to strum some major chords of nostalgia for many.

As always, everything is for PC unless stated otherwise, and the bold titles are the games that have piqued my interest.

Monday, April 10th

  • Cluckles’ Adventure
  • Cryptocracy
  • Station 21 – Space Station Simulator
  • Japanese Women – Animated Jigsaws
  • Getaway Island
  • Endless Horde
  • The Safeguard Garrison 2
  • Hunahpu: way of the Warrior
  • Cucumber Blues
  • Fluffy Creatures VS The World

Tuesday, April 11th

  • Cosmic Star Herione – PC/PS4
  • Yooka-Laylee – PC/PS4/X1
  • Shock Tactics
  • A Rose in the Twilight – PC/Vita
  • Starblood Arena – PS4
  • Kero Blaster – PS4
  • The Sexy Brutale – PC
  • Stardew Valley (Collector’s Edition) – PS4/X1
  • Creekside Creep Invasion (Early Access)
  • Symphony of the Machine – PS4
  • Planescape: Torment – Enhanced Edition
  • Snow Moto Racing Freedom
  • Crawl – X1
  • Spring Bonus
  • Sons of Triskelion
  • Solaright
  • Hide vs. Seek
  • Fibrillation HD

Wednesday, April 12th

  • The Sexy Brutale – PS4/X1
  • Rumpus
  • Battle for Enlor
  • Storm Riders

Thursday, April 13th

  • Mr. Shifty
  • The Wild Eternal
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 3 – Switch
  • Star Story: The Horizon Escape
  • Ready for Take off – A320 Simulator
  • Scoop’n Birds – 3DS

Friday, April 14th

  • Asura
  • Hot Plates
  • Ray Gigant – Vita
  • Flinthook – PS4
  • Kingdom of Loot
  • Soma Spirits: Rebalance
  • Need for Drink
  • Cyborg Tower Defense
  • Cat Meat

CosmicBreak Adventures Cheats: Redeem Codes & 3 Best Tips for Cosmoloid, Strategy Guide and Tricks

CosmicBreak Adventures Tip #1: Gameplay.
Defeat all enemies on the left side of the screen to clear the stage. Position your units on the right side of the screen to begin combat!

Deploying a Card costs [Energy]. Energy regenerates over time, so deploy your cards as quickly as you can!

Each Cosmoloid has a position they excel at. [Front] units prefer to be closer to the enemy lines, while [Mid] units fare better from a distance!

After obtaining a new Cosmo Card, you’ll need to put it into your Deck to use it! Drag and drop your cards into the slots in your deck

The Cosmoloid set to the leftmost slot in your Deck is designated as the [Leader] A Leader requires 30% less energy to deploy and is guaranteed to be drawn at the start of battle!

If the last Cosmoloid on your field is defeated, the battle will come to a close, regardless of how many cards or energy you have remaining. Deploy your units as quickly as possible to maximize your chances for victory!

Upgrades allow you to enhance your combat capacity. Start out by upgrading your [Energy Capacity] and [Energy Charge]!

Set reward Cubes as active to unlock the prizes they contain! Play to win big.
Unlock your active Cube by expending Stamina in various game modes

Positioning two or more of the same Cosmoloid vertically grants a [HP Regen] effect while positioning them horizontally grants a [SP Regen] effect.

Defeating an enemy carrying an Energy pack will grant you an amount of energy.

Items can be used during battle to give your units an edge Try using an item after you get one to see their effects!
*You may purchase items for Coins when not in battle.

Upgrades allow you to enhance your combat capacity. Start out by upgrading your [Energy Capacity] and [Energy Charge]!

Clearing Stage 1-10 grants you another Slot! Defeating the 10th stage earns you another Slot (max 8). Expand your unit by assigning a new Card to your decks!

CosmicBreak Adventures Tip #2: Battle: Abilities.

Abilities are passive bonuses. Each Bot has its own set of Abilities and Signature Ability. To see them, go to your “Inventory”, select “Bots”, choose the specific Bot, and tap on “Info”.

Abilities can be permanent or temporary bonuses. Permanent bonuses are passive, or activated on Critical Hit. Temporary bonuses have a chance to proc when you use your Special Attacks. All Abilities are related to the background story of each Bot.

The amount of Special Bonus Skills of each Bot may change, depending on their Tier and Rank. For example, Illumis Tier 1 (1-Star), Rank 1, will only have the Ability Guardian Stash available. When you rank him up to Rank 2, the Bot should unlock I’ll Take You All On! (special).

You can also check our Article about Signature Abilities in our How to Play section.

This Bonus will always be active during a fight and could be triggered at any time, since it is not related to your special attacks.

This Bonus has a chance to activate with your Special Attack. The effect of this buff increases with the Level of the Special Attack.

CosmicBreak Adventures Tip #3: Battle: Special Attacks.

What are the advantages of using a Special Attack or a Special Bonus?
Special attacks depend on your Bot. Each one has a different set of special attacks that is based on their Tier and Rank. This combat style will charge while you are fighting and glow green once the first charge is full, yellow for the second charge, red for the third and final charge.

This move cannot be interrupted, as the cast is instant, though the first 2 levels can be blocked.

The higher the level of your special attack, the stronger the effect of your move. For example, if your Bot has unlocked the set of 3 specials, it will be able to charge its level 1 attack and cast it. You can also continue fighting and charge up to its second or third level, and then cast a more powerful move.

A Bot will always perform the highest available move when the attack is activated. You cannot have 3 charges and activate a level one attack.

Remember that you will need to rank up 2-Star and 3-Star bots to unlock their Tier 2 and Tier 3 specials (respectively).

1-Star Bot: Starts with one-bar Special Attack
2-Star Bot: Starts with one-bar Special Attack
3-Star Bot: Starts with two-bar Special Attack
4-Star Bot: Starts with three-bar Special Attack

Battle: Signature Abilities

Each 2-Star and higher Bot has a powerful, unique ability that benefits them called a Signature Ability.

Signature Abilities are unlocked the first time you receive a duplicate of a 2-Star (and up) Bot. The benefit increases with each subsequent duplicate of that Bot received.

Once the Signature Ability has been unlocked, the Stars of your Bot will change color, from the original Blue to White.

Leveling up your Signature Abilities:
Each duplicate grants + 5 to your Signature Ability level, regardless of the tier of your Bot. The max Signature Ability level is 100.

Mods may also be duplicated, but do not have Signature abilities to unlock and level.


I don’t know about you but as a new owner of a Nintendo Switch, I have been growing more and more anxious to start filling out my library with great new games. Unfortunately Nintendo has been putting us all on a drip feed of new content since the console dropped back in March, but coming on the 28th of this month we’ll finally have a second Nintendo published title on Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Sure it’s just a suped up re-release of a Wii U game, but frankly, if they were any game on the Wii U whose shelf life hadn’t nearly been reached, it’s Mario Kart 8. Plus this time around it seems that Nintendo aimed to create their magnum opus of kart racers, pulling in the best features from nearly every game in the series. For some though this may still be a hard sell as they are looking at it as a straight port with some extra DLC. Well to help clear up any confusion, or to help solidify any presumed value, I wanted to collect a clear and distinct list of all the new features player will find in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

  • All Characters, Tracks, and Modes from Mario Kart 8 and its 2 DLC packs will be included
  • 5 New Characters: Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, King Boo, Dry Bones, and Bowser Jr.
  • New Battle Modes: Balloon Battle, Bob-omb Blast, Renegade Roundup, Coin Runners, and Shine Thief (similar to Mario Kart 64, and Mario Kart Double Dash)
  • 2 New Battle Stages: Urchin Underpass and Battle Stadium
  • New Smart Steering mode for beginners
  • 3 New Vehicles
  • 2 New Items: Ghost and Feather
  • Carry 2 Items at once (similar to Double Dash)
  • Up to 8 player local multiplayer (requires multiple Switches)
  • Amiibo Functionality (Unlocks Mii Costumes)
  • You can now Break when Drifting
  • You can now adjust controls before a race begins (rather than pausing after the race starts)
  • New Third Spark Boost (pink sparks)

Put together, these new changes not only completely boost up the total package value ofMario Kart 8 Deluxe but also help solidify it as the most complete vision of what Nintendo has wanted to accomplish with the series in totality. I couldn’t personally be more excited to start my engines back up at the end of this month. Catch me on the track at “ZeroSkerbo” on Switch.

RIP, Disney Infinity, And Thank You

Last month, the servers for Disney Infinity—once aiming to be the biggest thing in video games and toys—were quietly shut down. It’s fitting for the game’s sad demise that few people even bothered to notice.

We knew it was coming, of course: we were told in July 2016, not long afterInfinity’s cancellation, that the game’s slow death march would begin with the stripping of the PC and mobile versions from app stores at the time, and continue until March 2017 when one of the cornerstones of the project—its online services—were closed down.

This has now taken place. Where once half the point of the game was building new levels and worlds for others to play in, and downloading those made by fans from across the world, Disney Infinity is now strictly a local experience, each copy’s playsets limited to what the user is able to cobble together.

Coupled with the lack of new titles or toys, and the fire sale of figures that took place throughout the back end of 2016, this effectively marks the end forDisney Infinity. Yes, you can technically still buy a copy, but the heart of the game is gone.

And I’ll miss it. As a grown man I never had much time for it, finding the first edition of the game to be a terrible platformer with a UI wholly unsuited for the children the game was aimed at.

But as a Dad, whose kids got old enough to really get into the game just in time to see it die, I’m sad to see it go. While it was never able to recover from its reliance on text menus (Nintendo knows what’s up there), the second and third editions of Infinity made great strides in making the game fun to play.

The Star Wars games in particular ended up being both the first and last examples of how entire cinematic worlds could best be captured within the confines of Infinity’s design, as they were able to remain true to the game’s “do anything” philosophy while still feeling like they were an actual Star Warsexperience, not just a reskinned Infinity level.

After they’d wrung every last drop of fun from the official Infinity playsets, though, my kids spent most of their time in the game’s Toybox mode, downloading dozens of the weird and wonderful stages fans from across the world had made and shared. My daughter also loved constructing her own intricate takes on Frozen’s Arendelle, while my son just…built stuff. Cities, platforming challenges, whatever he felt like bolting together.

I’m normally pretty strict on my kid’s gaming time, but with Infinity, I was often content to let them play for hours because, unlike most other video game experiences available to them, it was never really about the game. They never got frustrated at losing, or dying, or not being able to progress past a certain challenge. There were never thrown controllers, or shouts of despair.

Any time my kids played Infinity, they’d be laughing, high-fiving, eagerly planning and ambitiously collaborating. It was fun to play alongside them in moods like that, but it was also fun to just watch them enjoy it, their synapses on fire as they took random pieces from their favourite movies and smashed them together on the screen, building something that might have originated from the parts of something else, but which as a whole ended up being theirs.

This is a big deal! Almost every other game they play, aside from the odd round of Mario Kart, is a solitary experience. Not because they’re introverts, they just have very different tastes, both in the properties they’re fans of and the kinds of games they enjoy. So there’s rarely a game that they’re both so into that they’ll want to play it together.

Infinity, though, cast its net wide enough across the Disneyverse that they could both always find something or someone they liked and use that as their entry point. One could be Stitch and the other could be Thor and hey somehow they were both in the same video game.

They don’t play the game anymore. Ever since the servers went off last month, their motivation to build and share things has gone, because…they can no longer share the things they (or others) build. And it’s not like they’ll ever be buying any new playsets for it (I had to break it to my daughter after seeing the movie that, no honey, there won’t be Moana Infinity toys).

Which is sad, but if there’s solace to be found in the inevitable (if in this case premature) demise of an online-focused video game, it’s that long after the servers are gone, Infinity’s greatest legacy will still be around.

I’m talking about those toys.

They are magnificent, and no server shutdown will ever change that. Infinitymight not have been the first (or last) entry in the “toys with games” market, but it remains the best, with its figures boasting a better build quality and paint job than any of the competition.

The toy’s greatest accomplishment, though, is in their design. The artists working on the figures were presented with a massive challenge when Infinitylaunched: how do you take dozens of disparate Disney franchises, from 20th century cartoons to live-action dramas to Pixar computer animation, and try and sell them under the same single brand identity?

Their solution was a masterstroke. Infinity’s “superhero” look, giving every character strong, hard lines and mildly cartoonish proportions, didn’t just look great in its own right, but served as the perfect template to unify a range of characters hailing from properties as diverse as Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story and Tangled.

My kids loved these toys because of their in-game properties, but I (and my wife) loved them because they look cool as hell. She bought a bunch of figures “for the kids” just so she could display them on the shelf in our living room, and I’ve got a bunch I also bought “for the kids” that are sitting on my work desk. Some of them look so good that I’d probably have bought them for $10-15 even if they had nothing to do with a video game.

Because of all that, I think it’s safe to predict that long after Disney Infinity is gone, its HDD space vacated and its disc lost/trashed/traded away, its legacy will remain. On the toy shelves in my house, yes and most obviously, but I’d like to think it’ll linger in the memories of my kids as well, for whom it was the first (and still the best) video game that they truly played together.

Infinity’s failings as both a game and a business venture have been covered enough already, so I won’t get into them here. I just wanted to say a proper goodbye to an important part of my kid’s childhood video game experience, and say that despite its many flaws I thank it for being what it was: a creative, collaborative outlet that didn’t care about winning or losing or stories, it just wanted to get folks on the same couch and have them play.


Sonar Shot
Sonar Shot costs 30 Quills to unlock and is available in the TribalStack Tropics. You use Triangle/Y to use this ability. It can be used on Totems to wake them up and reveal invisible platforms.

Slurp Shot
Another skill available in the TribalStack Tropics. The Slurp Shot allows you to use Circle/B to eat certain berry bushes. You can then press Square/X to fire the eaten berry as a projectile.

Buddy Slam
The final skill you can unlock in the TribalStack Tropics map. The Buddy Slam costs 30 Quills and can be activated by pressing jump and then L2/LT. This ability can be used to take down enemies and destroy obstacles directly beneath you. Try it on the 4 raised floor tiles near Trowzer.

Glide can be unlocked inside Hivory Towers once you have spoken with Trowzer inside TribalStack Tropics. You can use jump and then jump again to be able to glide.

Slurp State
Slurp State is available to purchase from Trowzer once you reach the Glitterglaze Glacier area. It costs 40 Quills to unlock. Once unlocked Slurp State lets you absorb the abilities of items you eat. This allows you to traverse slippery obstacles after eating honey, travel through cold areas etc.

Lizard Leap
This is another ability that you can unlock once you reach Glitterglaze Glacier. It costs 40 Quills to unlock. You can use Lizard Leap by holding L2/LT and pressing X/A.

Buddy Bubble
This ability is available for free in the hub after expanding Glitterglaze Glacier and speaking to Trowzer inside the archives. It allows you to walk underwater using R2/RT

Lizard Lash
The Lizard Lash ability is available for 60 Quills once you reach MoodyMaze Marsh. Allows you to grapple specific objects with O/B and pull yourself up or over gaps.

Sonars Splosion
The Sonars Splosion is available for 60 Quills once you reach MoodyMaze Marsh. Use L2/LT and Triangle/Y to launch a stunning AoE attack.

Camo Cloak
Using L2/LT and Circle/B will let you activate Camo Cloak – making Yooka and Laylee very difficult to detect for a short period of time. This skill is available after you get it free from Trowzer at the hub after completing MoodyMaze Marsh.

Reptile Rush
Reptile Rush is available to purchase in the Capital Cashino for 80 Quills. This ability lets you charge up your spin move for increased speed and distance off jumps. You can use R2/RT and Square/X to use it.

Flappy Flight
Flappy Flight is available free of charge once you’ve completed Capital Cashino and spoken to Trowzers back at the hub. Hold L2/LT and press Square/X

Sonar Shield
The final skill you can purchase from Trowzers. It costs 100 Quills and makes you invincible to all damage for a short period. Hold R2/RT and Triangle/Y to use.


Being a gamer these days can be pretty expensive, with top titles always lurking just around the corner, looking to relieve you of a decent amount of cash. So it’s a welcome relief to see an influx of free-to-play titles hit the Xbox One in recent times, providing a variety of games to delve into without a price tag. Sure, most of the time the developers actively encourage the purchase of add-ons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy free-to-play titles and keep your wallet out of sight.

In the interest of fairness, we believe the majority of free games are worth a look and many enjoyable ones unfortunately won’t make this list. But these are what we consider to be 5 of the best free-to-play games on Xbox One…


The easiest way to describe Hawken would be to liken it to a budget version of the massively successful Titanfall series, albeit without the Pilot action or a story mode. Essentially a mech based first person shooter, Hawken ignites that competitive spirit across a handful of game modes, where teamwork is just as important as dominating the battlefield with a lone ranger mindset. You’ll need good tactics and decent accuracy to destroy all other mechs in your line of sight, whilst dodging and repairing efficiently to prevent your own demise. Every match feels unlike another and it never becomes a drag to play.

A healthy amount of mechs helps give something to work towards unlocking, with each class offering different mechs with slightly different stats to suit your playstyle. There are even a few really well designed maps which are ideal for such warfare, ensuring enough variety alongside the many mechs included to entice you back in for another go – if only to earn more in-game cash to unlock a new chassis!

Fallout Shelter

Placing you in the role of an Overseer, Fallout Shelter is a micro-management game, with the fate of any and all wandering survivors resting in your hands. Not only does the Vault need building up from nothing, but also decisions have to be made as to who goes where, taking into account their SPECIAL attributes. The Vault has to have enough water, power and food to provide for the amount of inhabitants, which in itself leads to a balancing act. Dwellers can be sent on combat-orientated quests, and although it won’t necessarily satisfy your action needs, it adds another dimension to a game full of little tasks to keep you on your toes.

The regular hazards to overcome, the new additions to the quest lines and an ever-expanding Vault, all ensure the addictive nature of checking on your people frequently. Given the Play Anywhere nature of Fallout Shelter, you’re never too far from the Vault.

Star Trek Online

Boldly go where no man or woman has gone before… the Star Trek Online universe. Okay, so a lot of people have already been there and are still bathing in the delights of the shed load of content it offers. Whether shooting phasers on-foot whilst protecting your people, or zooming through space at warp speed, blasting Klingon spacecrafts into smithereens, if you’ve seen it happen in the TV series then you’ll no doubt experience it in-game. There are even classic Star Trek characters featured such as Spock, Scotty, Checkov and many more, bringing authenticity to the forefront.

Despite not looking the greatest in terms of visuals, I challenge anyone to find a better Star Trek experience – one that’s free – that lures in both fans and generally curious gamers alike, offering such a vast amount of content to work through and plenty of hours of enjoyment.

Gems of War

Remember when match-three games had a resurgence upon the amazing success of Candy Crush and all its clones? Well, Gems of War capitalised on this, with a foundation of matching gems and throwing battles into the mix – it’s quite similar to the Xbox 360 title Puzzle Quest. There are quests to complete, allies to unlock and a real tactical element when deciding upon your battle-ready team. Since day one, numerous kingdoms have been added, new creatures and beasts have arrived to enhance the number of characters available to use, and a whole load of new features have been brought in.

Trying out all the different abilities and finding out which characters are best to use in your team is half the fun; the other half is the ridiculously addictive matching of gems and earning chests, gold and ultimately, testing your wits against other human-assembled teams.


If you’re after a great co-op experience at zero cost, that’s exactly what the third person shooter Warframe brings to the table. When the wretched Grineer are expanding their reach across the solar system, conquering anyone in their path, the once great warriors and masters of the Warframe armour are summoned – that’s you. The fact paced combat has you wielding guns and swords, taking down a decent variety of enemies in PvE and if you so wish, there’s the option to show off in PvP.

With a whole host of Warframes to acquire throughout the many missions – each with their own unique style and abilities – there’s plenty to work towards. Having failed to survive the onslaught in some of the earlier missions ourselves, there’s no doubt how much you’ll need backup in order to succeed. And it’s with friends where the satisfaction of smashing through all the content really shines through.

So there we have it, they are what we believe to be five of the best free-to-play games on Xbox One. Maybe you disagree? Or do you think we’ve got it spot on? Send us any and all thoughts you have regarding our choices by using social media, or commenting below.