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Overwatch Overview : Lucio Revamp

 What has Blizzard got in store for us this time? Previously we saw some huge changes to multiple heroes, alongside the release of the new hero Orisa, detailed here.

How could this patch possibly stack up against such large and interesting additions from our last go around? I’ll tell you how! With a complete Lucio revamp and a slew of new content, including a brand new cooperative brawl accompanied by a fully overhauled King’s Row.

Let’s jump right in by taking a look at just how different Lucio will be from now on.

It’s your boy Lucio:

  • Name: Lŭcio Correia dos Santos
  • Role: Support
  • Origin: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Occupation: DJ

This time around Lucio received a combination of buffs and nerfs to create a faster, more engaging experience which significantly changes his active role on the team.

Since Lucio is a healer, let’s start with the healing.


  • Area of effect radius has been decreased from 30 meters to 10 meters
    • What this really means:
      • You’re playing babysitter now, and you’ll be accidentally killed in crossfire 66.6% more often.
  • Heal Song:
    • Healing per second has increased by 30% (including during Lucio’s “Amp It Up” ability)
    • Self-healing has been reduced by 25%
    • What this really means:
      • You can babysit very well, but without a second healer you’re a prime target.

Wow. My man Lucio, reduced to a mere 10 meter radius. I hate to break it to you Lucios out there who shall remain nameless, but this is Blizzard hereby telling you to do more than just exist. You won’t be able to just skate by anymore.

Ha, skate by… get it?

Immediately I can tell that this will be severely crippling to Lucio’s overall team value. He has a significantly smaller reach, and I really don’t see a way for Lucio to be a viable solo healer anymore. He wasn’t amazing at solo healing before, but now? Maybe if you’re a god tier Lucio.

He can heal faster, but only those close enough to hear his song. Let’s be real, that will be a max of three teammates or you run the risk of being team-wiped while you’re all grouped up playing butt-touch.

Additionally, he can’t speed boost the whole team easily, and he will always be in the danger zone™ when assisting others. His team-sustainability has been gutted at the core.

Now before you throw your hands up and shout, this very bad news comes with a twist. The kind of twist that just might make this very good news for you Lucio mains.


Sonic Amplifier:

  • Damage increased by 25%. shwing
  • Projectile speed increased from 40 to 50. shwing
  • Alternate fire can now knockback in vertical directions shwing

Say whaaaaaat? Lucio? Getting a damage buff? Getting his projectile speed increased? This can’t be real.

Am I hal-lucio-nating?

It’s real! Lucio’s got your number, and he’s out for blood. Not only can he shoot you right in the face 25% more easily while hitting for 25% more damage, now he can boop you up into the air, right over that guardrail you thought would save you. Hell, Lucio could evenspike you straight down if you happen to be over a gap. If you thought environmental kills steal too many Play of the Games as is, you’re in for some bad times. Boops-a-plenty from all angles.

Dang. What a twist. I’m sure glad I stayed until the e–


Wall Ride

  • Movement speed increased by 20% when wall riding.
  • Lucio now receives a burst of speed when jumping off of a wall.


Oh. My. God. Lucio. Look at that buff. It is sooooo big.

This change allows Lucio players to sort of literally FLY around the map. Blistering speeds and insane stunts across rooftops, faster than the bronze-ranked eye can see. Amazing. Each successive wall ride and wall jump allows Lucio to continuously gain momentum, sending him careening across the sky like some kind of glow stick frog jesus. Combine that with his increased damage per second, and you’ve got a potent mix of damage and disruption that will be a huge pain in the ass, or your money back.

Just call me Mister Fahrenheit, because next time I’m in game, I’m going to be burning through the sky. This is a game-changer for Lucio in every sense of the phrase. He is playing a different role on the team entirely, and his personal play style is also totally new (unless you’re DSPStanky).

These changes imply that Lucio will be the go-to pick for dive comps without a doubt. He can get in and out along side anyone, Tracer included. His personal survivability has increased tenfold, and there’s no doubt in my mind that these changes represent a huge shift in the meta.

The only downside I see in his new kit is that players are encouraged to use his wall ride all the time, and use it to survive. However now that his song radius is only 10 meters, he can’t effectively wall ride and help his team at the same time. It’s a bit contradictory in nature and requires the player to balance between these two roles, and while it most certainly increases Lucio’s skill ceiling, it will also dramatically increase the number of terrible Lucios you will see in competitive. Balance.

Hold onto your butts, because a whole new generation of scrappy, skirmishing Lucios have just started practicing, and they will be styling all over you before you know it.

Pro tip: Look up.


  • A new flank has been added to Eichenwalde that connects the attacking team’s spawn to the capture point.
    • This is a really great change that will make defending Eichenwalde’s first point much more difficult. The new addition on the right side of the bridge opens up a new flanking route and sightline, giving attackers a very useful new angle of attack, and opens the defending team up to the element of surprise.
  • Ana no longer cocks her rifle after throwing a grenade.
    • This seems minor, but actually makes Ana’s grenade-shot combo that much faster and more effective. There is now no chance that she will miss the combo due to that slight delay.
  • Orisa’s headshot hitbox was reduced by 15%.
    • …so she’s got that going for her, which is nice.
  • Custom game modes in the Arcade can now be saved as presets.
    • Previously, custom game modes would have to be re-created every single time you start a game, which was a huge deterrent for people to iterate on their game modes for improvement. This addition means that you will see a very significant increase in game-mode quality throughout the arcade, hopefully resulting in creative new modes that are tons of fun, and only get better with time.